Dubai Desert Safari

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Desert Safari Dubai - 2023

Do you know the most interesting adventure of Dubai is Desert Safari in the Arabian Desert? On this trip, you can try the fast ride of 4×4 vehicles by going up and down on the desert dunes. We have all the custom vehicles like the Land Cruiser, which are well-maintained and equipped with safety features. You will get the complete thrill of this activity with safety by our professional drivers. However, the tour will be for 6 hours, during which you will feel the complete excitement and thrill. Along with the Dune bashing we mentioned above, you can try Horse Riding, Camel Riding, Visiting the Bedouin Camp, Shisha Smoking, and live entertainment.

We will also take care of the dinner options. The non-veg and veg BBQ dinner both options are available and it’s your choice which food you want to take. If you are searching for the most trusted Desert Safari Dubai tour company, we are here. We provide affordable packages that you can avail of and check the best place in the world.


This trip combines different experiences like the thrilling, cultural, natural, and traditional. In the thrilling part of this trip, you will try the activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, camel riding, horse riding, and more. This cultural and traditional part will provide you with the experience of Arabic cuisine, try traditional costumes, shisha smoking, and henna painting. The skilled dancers will also entertain you with the help of Arabic music on this land. However, when your driver picks you up at the start of the trip, you will enjoy the dune bashing. Our drivers will take you to a Bedouin-style camp, but you will enjoy some thrilling activities before entering the camp. After performing all these activities you will enter the camp and our staff will welcome you with fresh dates and juices.

Thrilling Activities In The Arabian Desert:

This trip does not end here because the desert camp also contains a lot of activities. Here you can go camel riding and try the henna tattoo on your body parts from local artists. If you are a smoker, this is the best trip because you can go to the Shisha Corner and try it. Are you are a photo enthusiast, try Arabic costumes like the Kandura and Abaya and take some amazing pictures. After all this, it’s time to try the BBQ dinner in which many options are available. At the time of dinner, music will start, and our beautiful belly dancer will show you the performance and steal your heart. After the amazing belly dancer performance, the other shows will also impress you because the Tanura dance and fire shows are energetic and interesting at the overnight desert safari Dubai Trip.

First, we are not just talking; we will provide you with an excellent experience because it is our responsibility to host you properly. Booking is very simple. Don’t need any third party to book our service; you can directly contact us to book and enjoy the trip. you can also go for our Abu Dhabi City Tour packages.

Most companies have hidden charges, but here is not. We will clearly tell you the full price of the package. The best part of our service is that we provide affordable packages that every person can avail of and experience the new world. It is most common that many people don’t have transportation and because of this they don’t go on safari trips. But we provide you the pick and drop service at the package price, and our professional drivers will come to your place with our premium vehicles. you can also book our Dubai City Tour package if you have enough time and want to know about the modern side of Dubai.

What Things You Should Do And Don’t Do During The Trip:

It is recommended to listen carefully to the instruction of your guide and follow them, it is for your safety.

Remember to stay hydrated because the temperature in the Desert will be high.

If you are willing to try the dune bashing then don’t eat a lot before this trip.

You should use different things to protect the skin like sunscreen, a hat, and glasses.

Select comfortable and lightweight clothes.

You don’t have to smoke inside the 4×4 vehicle.

Check the details of all packages like Hatta Tour Deals below on this website.

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Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Buses are Present to Provide Pick and Drop service for Just 50 AED

Things included in this package:

Enjoying the camel ride, experiencing the 4×4 vehicle dune bashing, and surfing on the sands means sandboarding.

Next, get the henna tattoo and see the Belly dance performances.

Also, enjoy the live entertainment shows with Arabic music while taking a BBQ buffet dinner

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Different Desert Safari Dubai Deals




Pay only 35 AED for This Amazing Package

Do you have a car?

You can save money on our transportation and still benefit from all our offers.

Desert Safari Advance



Pay only 90 AED and Book Your Safari In Advance

We will provide you the professional drivers to provide you with pick-and-drop service. We will use the Land Cruiser for this and enjoy all our services.

Dubai Safari Desert



Pay only 275 AED per person for this premium package is 

In this package, you will get the pick-and-drop service on the highly maintained Land Cruiser and enjoy Quad Biking, Camel Riding, and other types of premium offers.

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Desert Safari Tour Overview

Take care of your transportation:

Are you worried about transportation? If yes, don't worry because every package includes the pick-and-drop service. We will send our professional drivers to ride the vehicle for this service and give you pick and drop service. This is the reason that our packages are more reliable than others.

See the amazing desert view by Classic Creature

The most interesting way to explore the desert is the camel riding. This ride will provide you with the complete feeling of the old people because they used the camel for transportation. It is considered the most famous activity of the entire safari. So, we recommend you try this and enjoy the trip.

Exciting Desert Adventure: Thrilling activity of the desert

If we talk about the thrilling activity of the safari that is made for thrill lovers is dune bashing. But you must select the package, including the dune bashing, to enjoy this activity. You don't have to worry because our skilled drivers will ride the 4x4 vehicle over the big sand dunes. I want to say that your tour is incomplete without trying this activity.

Discover the Hatta Village, which is very unique

This is the most interesting place to see because, in Hatta Village, you will see houses made of mud and stones. But we recommend visiting this village after performing all the thrilling and cultural activities. The beauty of this village will prove that you are not wasting your time here and you can see the unique architectural styles.

Enjoy the exclusive Desert Safari Experience.

You can experience the exclusive safari package by riding our premium dune buggy. Let me tell you; it is a powerful off-road vehicle that contains four wheels, oversized tires, and a strong engine. If you are coming to Dubai for adventure, we recommend you try a dune buggy ride on this trip.

Increase your enjoyment with the help of live shows

When you present at the Bedouin-style camps, you will learn about the culture of the old people through the live shows. You will see the amazing belly dance performance, unique fire shows, and interesting Tanoura shows. We want to tell you that all professionals will perform these shows and you will enjoy them all.

Experience the Desert Bedouin Style

Live life like Bedouin people for a few minutes by visiting the Bedouin-style camp. You will know the unique traditions and culture when all the thrilling activities end. You can do this with the help of trying henna painting, shisha smoking, and trying traditional costumes. But remember to take amazing pictures when you try this costume.

Enjoy the tasty dinner

When all the activities are finished, the time will come to taste something delicious. Yes, you will also get the premium BBQ dinner in our packages, where you will enjoy vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. So, this is the best thing for you: you can eat anything you want, like veg or non-veg.

Desert Safari Highlights

What People Say about DUBAI DESERT SAFARI

Based On Reviews

Overall rating

4.6 / 5

Our friend recommended this tour company to us, and we’re glad we booked with them. They responded quickly and gave us a reasonable price. First, our guide picked us up at 3:30 pm sharp, and we had an amazing experience. We rode quad bikes and went dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle. Our guide was excellent, and we felt safe with his driving skills. Sandboarding was included in the price, and we also did a camel ride and enjoyed the shows at Desert Gate Camp. It was worth every penny we spent, and we had a great time.

SELF DRIVE DESERT SAFARI  Reviewed by  Torban Mort, 5/12/2023

We had an amazing day just because of our tour guide who made the entire tour amazing. He took incredible pictures and videos, and we’ll always remember this experience. Thank you to our tour guide! We’ll definitely tell about this company to our friends.

ADVANCE DESERT SAFARI Reviewed by Xiang Hen, 5/12/2023

I suggest this company for their excellent service and their new and well-kept cars. The drivers are very helpful, and the Bedouin village is beautiful and upscale. I especially recommend our driver and tour guide. Have a great time!

PREMIUM DESERT SAFARI Reviewed by Joseph More, 5/12/2023

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that every top wear the easy dresses. You should bring a jacket if you are coming to winter but wearing loose-fitting dresses for the summer is a good idea. The next thing is sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses which are important to bring because of the harsh sunlight. Heavy shoes are totally not recommended.

Don’t take all your stuff on the trip. You should bring all the important things like mobile, camera, hat, sunglasses, and others that you think are essential. Always use handbags to carry all your stuff.

You will get different mediums to pay the amount for the booking. You will have cash, ATM, and bank transfer options.

First, you have to check your budget. After this, check your interest in activities, then decide on the package. However, all packages provide you with the best experience, and you can select any package.

Overall, it is recommended to go for the Dubai Desert Safari. However, you will get all types of activities and amazing experiences from us. We will provide you the complete safety in every package, and you can select any one from the above-given packages.

You will enjoy the tour for six hours. However, in every package, you will get the pick-and-drop service. Basically, the tour starts at 2:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. Besides, the price of the safari tour depends on the package. You can check all package prices on this website.