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Desert Safari Dubai - 2023

It is a fact that Dubai is famous worldwide because of its luxury lifestyle, but it also contains other types of things that most tourists want to enjoy. One of them is the Desert Safari Dubai. When you take part in our Desert Safari, we welcome you to explore this amazing place. Here’s what you’ll see and do. Sunset view, Camel Riding, Desert Camp Experience, Stargazing, Cultural Insights, Henna Painting, BBQ Buffet Dinner, Live Music Shows, Belly Dance, Fire Shows, Dune Bashing, Quad Bike Ride and Horse Ride.

The beautiful scenery of the desert increases the glamour of Dubai. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure that takes you away from the boring city life and provides you with a new world experience then our Desert Safari in Dubai is a perfect choice. Get ready for an exciting ride with our expert drivers as they go through the tall sand hills of the Dubai Desert. Going up and down the sand dunes is a thrilling part of our safari that will make your heart race. You can feel the excitement as you smoothly slide down high sand hills and reach the top of sandy slopes.


If you like exciting things, we recommend experiencing an overnight desert safari. You can have fun driving on sand dunes, trying snowboarding, and riding camels. Lots of tourists find these kinds of things really interesting. Riding camels lets you see the desert from a different angle, and we promise it’s truly unique.

What type of activities you will enjoy on desert safari Dubai?

A Dubai desert safari offers an exciting mix of adventure, culture, and natural beauty, with various activities designed to impress you. The journey begins with an exciting session of dune bashing. You’ll be driven in a strong 4×4 vehicle over the sandy dunes. The skilled driver navigates the car over the giant sand dunes; this activity gives you an exciting thrill as you go up and down the sandy hills. If you’re looking for a different kind of thrill, try sandboarding. It’s like snowboarding but on sand. You can go down the sandy hills for an exciting and unforgettable time. You can also experience the traditional ride by the camel. While riding a camel, you can feel the vast desert and enjoy its beauty. The camel moves gently on the golden sand, connecting you to the region’s ancient ways. you can also go for our Abu Dhabi City Tour packages.

As the sun sets, you’ll have a great time at the desert camp with cultural shows. The Tanura dance is cool, with colorful spins showing the desert’s history. Go to a Bedouin camp to see how they live. Talk to them, learn their ways, and enjoy their music in the sand. Try their local snacks with stories from the past. You can also try henna painting, a desert art. Make pretty designs on your hands that show the culture of the area. You can also wear traditional Arabic clothes and snap photos to remember the way people live in the desert. Besides a yummy dinner buffet is ready with lots of different flavors. There’s tasty food without meat and also really good vegetarian choices. Everyone can enjoy this meal. And also having it in the desert makes the experience even nicer. On the other hand, you can also book services for our Dubai City Tour package to explore people’s luxurious lifestyles and learn about modernism.

The most exciting activity of most people is shisha (hookah) experience, an ancient practice where flavored tobacco is smoked through a water pipe. It’s a social tradition that provides a moment of relaxation and bonding. Other than this, you can also take photos to capture how amazing the desert is. The pretty views, fun things to do, and making friends with other travelers will give you memories that stay with you. Check the details of all packages like Hatta Tour Dubai Deals below on this website.

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Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Special 50 AED Package

You’ll start your day with a thrilling camel ride through the sandy dunes, followed by an exhilarating 4×4 dune bashing experience. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out the sandboarding activity to increase your enjoyment.

As the day turns into the evening, you can get a beautiful henna tattoo and enter into the world of belly dance performances. The atmosphere will be made even nicer with pleasant Arabic music playing, this will create the perfect mood for you to enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet dinner.

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Different Desert Safari Dubai Deals




Do you have an automobile? 

We will provide you with all the things except Pick & drop. You’ll get to explore various exciting attractions using our well-kept vehicles.

After booking this fantastic package. Get ready for an unforgettable desert adventure!

Desert Safari Advance



You won’t have to stress about Pick & drop because our skilled Dubai drivers will ride you in a Land Cruiser.

With this offer, you can enjoy all the amazing activities included in this package like camel riding, BBQ dinner, 4×4 Dune bashing, Live Music with a bally dance performance and more.

Dubai Safari Desert



Our skilled drivers are ready to offer you convenient Pick-and-drop service from your location to the desert and vice versa.

You can have a blast with activities like off-road dune driving, riding on quads, camel rides, horse riding, Music and dance activities, henna tattoos and much more.

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Water Adventure Tours

Dhow Cruise



Join us for an exciting 2-hour adventure on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, starting at just 50 AED.

You’ll get to see the beautiful views of Dubai Creek and savor a delicious BBQ dinner with choices for both vegetarians and meat lovers. You will enjoy the fun puppet show and an impressive Tanura dance performance in the evening entertainment. 

Musandam Oman Tour



Explore the beautiful Musandam Oman with a 6-hour tour starting at just 250 AED. During this trip, you’ll head out to the Persian Gulf waters for some exciting activities. You can enjoy a fun banana boat ride, discover the underwater world through snorkeling, and experience the thrill of diving.

As you get hungry, enjoy a tasty buffet lunch with lots of yummy choices. It’s a fantastic way to have a good time and make your taste buds happy too.

Unbeatable Combo Deal: Best of Both Worlds

camel and quad bike combo deal

Camel & Quad Bike Combo: Ultimate Deal

Book This Package for Unforgettable Moments In Just 130 AED

Enjoy the serenity of a leisurely Long Camel Ride, followed by an exhilarating 30-minute Quad Bike Adventure.

Pick Up and Drop Off From Centralize Locations.

  • LuLu Hypermarket Behind Mall Of Emirates 
  • Day 2 Day Center Opposite Deira City Center
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Desert Safari Tour Overview

Desert Adventure Begins

Your exciting desert safari starts with a comfortable ride in a 4x4 vehicle from your hotel. Experienced drivers, who are like desert pros, will give you an exciting ride across the sandy hills. This thrilling activity is called dune bashing, and it's not for the faint-hearted, but it's a fantastic way to start your desert journey.

Captivating Sunset Views

One of the most amazing things about Desert Safari Dubai is the chance to see the Arabian Desert change as the sun sets. When the sun sets, it makes the sand hills turn a lovely golden color. This magical moment is often paused so you can enjoy the view, take photos, and enjoy the peaceful desert as day turns into night.

Experience the Desert like a Bedouin

To really feel the desert and its history, you can take a ride on a camel. When you ride on these friendly animals, you'll move through the sand dunes, just like the Bedouin tribes used to do. The slow and steady rocking motion of the camel helps you enjoy the big, peaceful desert.

Choose Your Adventure

Desert Safari Dubai offers many activities for different interests. If you love excitement, try sandboarding, which is like snowboarding on sandy dunes. If you're more into culture, you can get henna tattoos, wear traditional Arabic clothes, or enjoy Shisha (hookah) in a Bedouin-style camp. These things ensure that everyone can have fun in the desert.

Delicious Food in the Desert

As the sun sets and the desert camp comes to life, it's time to enjoy a tasty Arabic BBQ dinner. Eating your meal under the stars makes it feel extra nice and like a magical experience. Enjoy grilled kebabs, fragrant rice dishes, fresh salads, and mouthwatering desserts. While you dine, there's live entertainment, like belly dancing and Tanoura performances, giving you insights into local traditions for a memorable dining experience.

Nighttime Wonders

After your meal, gather around the campfire for warmth and stories under the wide desert sky. Because there aren't many city lights, the desert is an ideal spot for stargazing. You can see countless stars, constellations, and maybe even a shooting star. It's a peaceful and amazing moment to appreciate the beauty of the universe while enjoying the company of fellow adventurers.

A Memorable End to Your Journey

As your night adventure ends, you'll say goodbye to the desert and its wonders. Your journey back to the city lets you think back on the memories of your desert safari. The excitement of dune bashing, the beauty of the sunset, the cultural experiences, and the delicious food will stay with you long after you've left the desert.

Discovering Desert Creatures

When you're in the desert, be sure to look for interesting desert animals. You might see creatures like the Arabian oryx, desert foxes, and different types of birds. Observing these unique animals in their natural habitat adds an extra layer of excitement to your desert adventure.

Desert Safari Highlights

What People Say about DUBAI DESERT SAFARI

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4.6 / 5

The most interesting thing to do in Dubai is the desert safari Dubai. If you are coming to Dubai on a vacation in Dubai then its a chance for you to see the desert safari. Many companies do these safaris, and they all have different options and things to do. But this company is best in every thing, they have cheaper packages and provides you the best experience.

SELF DESERT SAFARI Reviewed by Ronaldo, 20/09/2023

Our trip was great, our guide knew what he was doing and took care of everything, paying attention to the small things. We began our private tour at 4:30 am with a camel ride to see the sunrise. After that, we had breakfast in the desert and then went for a ride on the sand dunes and ATVs.

ADVANCE DESERT SAFARI Reviewed by Ronny, 20/09/2023

Our Dubai tour was all about the desert safari, and we had a fantastic experience last night. Our driver and guide, was a very nice person. We talked with him easily during the trip, and he impressed us with his excellent driving in the desert. I highly recommend this company for an awesome and enjoyable desert adventure.

PREMIUM DESERT SAFARI Reviewed by Joseph More, 20/09/2023

Frequently Asked Questions

A desert safari in Dubai is like an exciting adventure trip in the desert. You ride in special vehicles to explore the sandy dunes and try out fun desert activities.

You get to do cool stuff like riding camels, sliding on the sand, getting henna tattoos, and having a yummy BBQ dinner.

Dune bashing can be a wild ride with lots of bumps. Safari is a thrilling trip and not suitable for every person like the older, who have health issues or young children.

Wear comfy clothes for the hot desert weather. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and place a hat on your head to shield yourself from the sun.

In most cases, you can take photos and videos during the safari, but there might be some rules to follow. Ask your tour guide for the scoop.

Most of the time, your desert safari package includes food and drinks, like a tasty BBQ dinner. Double-check the details to be sure.