Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari Dubai in march 2024
desert safari dubai
Desert safari Dubai in march 2024

10 Activities You Must Try on Desert Safari Dubai trip – 2024

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Starting a trip to the desert safari Dubai in March 2024 promises a very special adventure. But with so much sand around, what exciting things should you try? In this guide, we share the top 10 experiences you must do to make your desert safari trip even better. From exciting driving over dunes to calm rides on camels, there’s something for everyone who likes adventures. Experience Bedouin culture with traditional things like henna painting and smoking shisha. Come with us as we show you the best things to do on a Desert Safari in Dubai trip.

Dune Bashing With the 4×4 car

Feel excited as you get into a 4×4 car for a thrilling ride over the sandy hills in the Dubai desert Safaris. Dune bashing is an exciting activity that mixes speed, skill, and beautiful views. Skilled drivers drive over the sandy land, taking you on a rollercoaster-like trip that will make you feel very excited. Hold on tight as the car goes up steep slopes and comes down big hills, making an unforgettable trip.

Traditional Camel Ride

Camel riding lets you see the desert from a different angle, so you can look at the big area of sand and the never-ending sky. Led by experienced helpers, this slow journey is great for enjoying the quiet of the desert and taking amazing pictures with the sandy background.

Thrill of the Quad Biking

For those who want more excitement, quad biking is a great option. Get on a strong ATV and ride fast through the Desert Safari Dubai in March 2024. With the wind blowing and the sun shining, you’ll drive over the hills, overcoming obstacles and feeling free in the wide desert.

Whether you’re new to it or have done it before, quad biking is a thrilling adventure that will make you want to do it again. After quad biking, relax with a camel ride through the desert, enjoying the calm and beauty of the landscape from a different view.

Sandboarding With The Wood Board

Tap into your love for excitement with a session of sandboarding on the sandy hills. Strap on a board, add some wax and get ready to slide down the sandy slopes in a cool way. Feel the excitement as you slide through the soft sand, enjoying the freedom of riding down the hills.

With beautiful views of the desert around you, sandboarding is a special experience that will make you want to do it again. After sandboarding, relax at a traditional Bedouin camp, where you can chill with flavored shisha and traditional Arabic tea while watching the sunset over the desert.

Beauty Of The Desert By Sunset

Enjoy the beauty of the desert at sunset with a sunset trip. As the sun starts to set, the desert looks warm and golden, making it a beautiful setting for your adventure.

Go on a tour with a guide and see the amazing sunset over the hills, making long shadows and coloring the sky orange and pink. Take amazing pictures and make memories that you’ll remember forever.

Arabian Night Camp

Dive into the rich culture of the Arabian desert with a sleepover at a typical Bedouin camp. These camps are in the middle of the hills and show how nomads live, with nice tents, big meals, and entertainment under the stars.

Feel the kindness of the desert as you eat yummy Middle Eastern food, watch traditional music and dancing, and sit by the fire, talking with other travelers. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the Desert Safari Dubai in March 2024 and have a typical Arabic breakfast before you leave.

Falconry Displays

Explore the old skill of falconry with an exciting falconry show in the middle of the desert. Watch with wonder as skilled falcon trainers show off the agility and beauty of these amazing hunting birds.

Find out why falconry is important in Emirati culture, and even have the chance to hold these big birds in your hand for a cool experience. Take part in a hands-on falconry lesson where you can learn the basics of caring for and flying a trained falcon.

Traditional Arabic Dress

Enter the world of a Bedouin with a try-on of traditional Arabic clothes. Wear real outfits like the kandura for men and the abaya for women. Women also like the ghutra for men and the sheila for women.

Enjoy the culture and history of the area as you put on these old clothes, perfect for taking great pictures in the desert. Feel like you belong in the land and with its people as you get into the traditions of the UAE. Make your experience even better with a photo session in traditional clothes on the desert safaris.

Arabian Cuisine

Enjoy the tastes of the Middle East with a big Arabian food experience. Eat lots of traditional dishes, like tasty biryanis, yummy kebabs, smooth hummus, and sweet baklava. Taste the strong spices and nice herbs that make Emirati food special. Feel the kindness of Arabian hosts as you eat outside in the desert.

Whether you love food or just want to try new things. Arabian food will excite your senses and make you want more. Watch a cooking lesson to learn how to make traditional Emirati dishes from good chefs.

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