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Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Seek the Abu Dhabi City Tour as it’s the most striking and the most invited trip in UAE. The Emirate city is the Capital of the UAE as well as it’s popular as it’s the largest of all the beautiful seven Emirates. People know and seek our Abu Dhabi tour for its great history and culture. It’s one of the most enticing and forward-thinking tourist ends. However, the Abu Dhabi attractions are ranked as the richest and the most startling city in the world.

Likewise, the city will entice you with its largest, and the great handmade handloom carpet, and highest high tea. Get Our Tour Of Abu Dhabi to cultural heritage, Ferrari world, Arabian customers, and more which are in terms of world records. This liking Abu Dhabi city tour is a great way to explore the turnover of the town. The Sightseeing Abu Dhabi was firstly a sleepy fishing village which then turned into a very modern metropolis.

Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

In other words, get an idea of how this liking to the Bedouin emirate can make your holidays memorable. Here in the tour, the guests can find our list of must-to-see, and best Abu Dhabi Places To Visit. There isn’t much more striking and ideal way better than picking the deals and choices for a perfect Abu Dhabi City Sightseeing Tour with us. Moreover, indulge in the charm and thrill of the fun spots in your tour deals.

Abu Dhabi Tour Packages


Abu Dhabi Tour Without Ferrari World Ticket

Abu Dhabi Tour 6 hours including travel time

No Hidden Costs!

Abu dhabi city tour
Abu Dhabi City Tour With Ferrari World Ticket
Full Day Abu Dhabi City Tour 10 hours including travel time

No Hidden Costs!

Abu Dhabi Tour

Discover the 10 famous sightseeing spots in Abu Dhabi

1. Ferrari World – Theme Park:

Later, the most startling Ferrari World in UAE is the huge space frame structure ever built in the town. Likely, this theme park in Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai mixes seven football fields along with a wide range of shaking rides. You can access varied Abu Dhabi attractions for your family, and friends of all ages. So, spend your day exploring the first and only fun park which is branded after Ferrari. In the park, you can practice driving a car on a tough race course.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Following next, you can visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with your loved ones. However, this striking mosque in Abu Dhabi Tour is working on placing the upkeep project for the dome into action. The dome of this holly spot is one of the most awesome art features. The art of the mosque makes it look stunning. You can seek the aesthetic qualities of the mosque in Sightseeing Abu Dhabi, but weather and climatic changes are affecting its beauty.

3. Emirates Palace

Move further to visit the Emirates Palace Hotel which is the pinnacle of luxury, and charm. The amazing spot in Abu Dhabi City Tour Cost depicts Arabian love and hospitality at its finest. Moreover, the allure of the town is set on a pristine private beach. Yet, the resort’s suites and rooms are all adorned to the highest standards. Find an ideal way to have stunning views from the royal palace along with butler service in the Tour of Abu Dhabi.

4. YAS Water World

Yas Waterworld in UAE offered on a big bus tour is known worldwide as the first mega waterpark. The rides in this Abu Dhabi City Tour fun park are divided into four zones, and each zone is based on its intensity. Here, you will surely find something waiting for you. Whether you want to scream during tornado waterslides, just sit back and relax on the lazy river, or free fall drop, get them all in this Abu Dhabi City Sightseeing Tour.

5. Corniche Abu Dhabi

In addition, the Abu Dhabi Grand beach is wonderful for you to have a space along the coast for pedestrians and bicycles. During the winter in Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai, it’s ideal for you to admire evening strolls, or early morning runs. Aside from that, the hot weather of Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi makes it hard to do a lot. You can get to relax at the structures that resemble tents which will provide some shade during a tiring trip. Next, take a stroll to Hatta Tour with us.

6. Louver Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Tour is incomplete until you see the art gallery and design of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.  It has 12 galleries in it. Along with these lines, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum blends almost 120 masterpieces. These key pieces in the tour of Abu Dhabi will take you on a dazzling visual journey as you will move a bit to admire the works of art. You can watch some of the most well-known artistic works as you delve into human creativity.

7. Qasr AlHosn:

Partake in the Al Hosn Palace visit which is home to the ruling family, a national archive, and a council for centuries – Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai. However, this one of the amazing places to visit in Abu Dhabi is now the living memorial of the nation. Likewise, it’s the storyteller of the Emirate’s history. View the Formal Foundation and National Council building. Both of these are part of a larger historic complex and this blends the Qasr Al Hosn Fort visit.

8. Warner Bros. World:

With the Abu Dhabi Places To Visit ticket, tourists can get unlimited access to Warner Bros. World. Indeed, in this world’s largest indoor theme park, you can absorb yourself in the action-packed, and vibrant worlds. Probes into various worlds in the warner Bros Hotel offer fun, joy, and adventure for the entire family. Along with this, the Abu Dhabi City Sightseeing Tour has fun catering to players of all ages. During the trip, you can travel back in time to fun Bedrock times. 

9. Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village:

Meet and find the Emirates Heritage Village which is a place where you and your families can learn about the old style and life of the desert. Likewise, the village in Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai features an authentic mosque, souk (market), and a Bedouin camp. The UAE Heritage Village is an immersive time troche. On the other hand, the formal oasis village is close to the city center. The village is on Marina Mall Island gives a glimpse into Abu Dhabi Sightseeing and its decored past.

10. Observation Deck At 300:

In the end, last but not the least, the tourists can get to see the Abu Dhabi Tour to like its five Etihad Towers Observation Deck Tickets. The tower offers a set of hotels, apartments, offices, and bars on the tourist’s list of must to see.  On the Abu Dhabi City Tour, you can enjoy yourself on the deck. Either the best views and a grand afternoon tea await guests at this resort Observation Deck At 300 Menu! Enjoy the trip now!

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Abu Dhabi City Sightseeing Tour Schedule & Timings

Tour Duration 06:00 Hours (Approx) Tour Service Daily
Pick Up Time 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM Drop Off Time 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Adult 150 AED Per Person Child 115 AED Per Child
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