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Atlantis The Palm

Discover The Best Things To Do in Atlantis Dubai – Atlantis The Palm

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Atlantis The Palm

Did you ever think about fanciful steamy sites, overwhelming aquatic, miles of deluxe hush-hush beaches, water park appeals, amusement offerings, family-friendly activities, submarine signature suites, a complete range of lush hotel rooms, ultra opulence spa, high-quality restaurants, fitness center, and never-ending options for family fun?

Well, it is quite a mouthful sentence for everyone, but everything mentioned above is really possible in one place only – Atlantis Dubai. Atlantis the Palm is a wide-ranging luxury holiday spot in Dubai that has it all.

So, let’s have a look at what you can do in Atlantis Dubai and what sort of activities you can enjoy there:

Atlantis Aqua venture 

The appreciated Atlantis Aqua venture Waterpark is the key thing to visit while experiencing the Atlantis Bahamas. Those who are eager to seek adventure cannot afford to miss this activity and also see the magic of IMG World Dubai. Anyways, keep in mind that it is not for those who are not courageous enough to participate in all these thrilling activities. The Leap of Faith at the Atlantis Dubai Waterpark gives you unexpected adventurous hype.

In this 98 feet grand waterslide, you can have an adrenaline-pumping effect when it drops you in a near-vertical style at a terrifying pace, shooting you all the way through a plain acrylic tube enclosed by sharks and rays. Definitely, it becomes eligible to be in the list of the most adventurous things to do in the Atlantis Aqua venture.

Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Dubai is voted as the no one water park in Dubai by thrill-seekers. It lets you enjoy scream down record-breaking world water slides together with the Slashers Island for the young families to enjoy. For the lovers of animals, there are dolphins, sharks, sea lions, and stingrays.

You can even get your Two-Day Mega Pass to roll around the Atlantis Dubai for over three days. It includes The Lost Chambers Aquarium, unlimited access to Aquaventure Waterpark, a dolphin performance, and much more.

Location and Parking

 For the convenience of the visitors, Aquaventure is situated in The Avenues at Atlantis Dubai. At Nasimi Beach, you can even sort out your parking issues. Furthermore, you can have a shuttle bus to go to the Aquaventure Ticketing Plaza. At The Avenues, you can have the facility of Valet parking.  


Aquaventure Park is open daily, and you can visit the Atlantis water park from 10:00 am onwards. Closing timings are not exactly known, but it depends on the season.


In terms of age and height, there are a few restrictions for visitors.

  • To enter Atlantis the Palm, children must be at least 13 years old only if they are not with any adult.
  • People with more than 1.2 m heights are restricted from accessing specific rides just to be safe.
  • All visitors with more than 1.2m needed to buy an adult ticket.

Experience the Dolphin Bay

Here you can enjoy the eventual Dolphin encounter at Dolphin Bay. For one of the most clever mammals, you should plan an encounter with the Dolphin in Atlantis, Dubai. It is highly suggested for visitors of all ages.

Fifteen minutes of orientation is also integrated with the Dolphin Encounter with an Aquatic Mammal Specialist, which gets followed by half an hour of the trivial water dolphin encounters. It provides the non-swimmers a few options to meet up, kiss, and have fun with friendly Dolphins. Do you want something more adventurous? Why don’t you scuba dive with these playful and snooping mammals?

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Aquatrek at Ambassador Lagoon

Let’s discover the saga of Atlantis Dubai?

Get up and leap into the pits of the Lost City of Atlantis and find out remarkable aquatic life with an Atlantis Aquatrek in the Ambassador Lagoon. It is the center of more than 65,000 marine animals at Atlantis. With a breathable hat on, you can walk in the pond, and you will sense as if you are in a mystifying aquatic wonderland, together with surprising come across sharks and rays along the guided walking tour.

Play with Sea Lions at Sea Lion Point

Why don’t you love, cuddle and play with Sea lions at Sea Lion Point? Indeed, you will be so happy to spend time with sea lions. At this point, a lagoon is particularly made to put up these friendly sea creatures. In the intimate session, you may have a chance to meet the sea puppies, learn the most surprising facts about them, and see them while performing some aquatic turns in the air.

sea lion point

You can also capture these memorable moments with a sea lion in Atlantis, Dubai. During your pleasant connections with the sea lions, you may even have lots of chances to cuddle and amuse yourself with them. 

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Visit the Atlantis Dubai on a Helicopter

Whoa! Isn’t it great to visit Atlantis Dubai on a helicopter?

Definitely, it is unimaginable for everyone to experience the whole Atlantis Dubai Water park from above on a helicopter. You can view the striking panoramas of the resort, human-made Palm islands, world-famous Dubai attractions, and much more.

Moreover, it offers an ultimate viewing experience of Dubai; the airborne tour ranges from a 15-minute fun flight tour to a marvelous 60-minute Dubai tourism ride, which makes it perfect for special events.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you will be feeling like you are in the seventh sky when you come back from your trip. Even after so many days, when you will be in your home, you will not be able to forget the charm and excitement of the Atlantis Dubai Tour.

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