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Global Village Dubai – The Best Attraction Point

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Global Village Dubai

With the daily monotonous routine, you must be feeling boredom. Isn’t it? Do you want to explore some best ideas for your entertainment?

For entertainment and recreation, there are lots of ways and things to do. These things include visiting parks with or without family, travelling to other countries, watching movies, playing sports, and a lot more.  Dubai Global Village is one of the most amazing spots to visit with your family. Although there are many parks in Dubai, Global Village Dubai is the best of them. This festival park brings many cultures together and lots of things you must want to know about this theme park.

In the region, this park is an exclusive spot for entertainment, culture, enjoyment, and shopping. Here, you can enjoy dining, shopping, serving guests, activities, and lots more. Through pavilions, you can take guests on a journey as this Global Village displays all the cultures that persist in the world. You have to buy Global Village tickets to experience all these activities. Each ticket is 15 AED only. Usually, in November, Global Village operating season starts that lasts until the end of April. Further, IMG Dubai World is also an awesome event to relish after the village trip.

Global Village Timing

Here are the Global Village timings for the visitors:

Global Village Dubai 4 PM – 12 AM 4 PM – 1 AM 4 PM – 1 AM
Entry Gate Closes 11:30 PM 12:30 PM 12:30 PM

Global Village Dubai opens from Saturday to Wednesday, 4 PM to 12 AM, on Thursday from 4 PM to 1 AM, and Friday from 4 PM to 1 AM.

Whereas the entry Gate closes from Saturday to Wednesday till 11:30 PM, on Thursday till 12:30 AM, and on Friday till 12:30 AM.

Whenever you plan to visit Dubai Global Village, you need to consider a number of things before going there.

The Entrance to Global Village

It has two main gates for entry, e.g., the Gate of the world and the Cultural Gate for the visitors. 

Gate of the world


Global Village Map

You must not waste a single moment and directly go to the theme park. For this, you need to understand the Global Village map. In this case, if you are going on a private conveyance, then you must be aware of the exact location to avoid inconvenience.

At Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Dubai, is the straight route for those having their private vehicles.

How much is the ticket for Global Village Dubai?

The entry ticket price is AED 15 for a person for one day.

How to purchase the ticket?

You can buy Global Village tickets for 15 AED online by downloading the app. Apart from that, you can buy tickets at the gate from 3:30 PM every day half an hour before the closing time.

Season of Global Village 2020

The season of Global Village 2019-2020 started on 29th October 2019, and it will last long till 4 April 2020. Global Village is celebrating the 24th season, which is completely bigger and better than the previous ones.

It has covered thousands of live shows and activities, with yet more to come. More than 70 countries participated in this season with more than a hundred shopping outlets.

Why Should You Visit Global Village?

Here the question is when there are lots of parks in Dubai, why must you visit Global Village park? Below you will find some fascinating reasons that motivate you to visit this place:


Every type of person can easily afford to visit this park. No matter, whether you are from an elite class, middle class, or upper-middle class, you can enjoy the beauty of this season. Here, you will get to enjoy several shows, rides, performances, and games for just 15 AED. Well, some of the attraction points, food and outlets need you to buy extra tickets. Around 3500 shopping outlets with up to 60 games and rides are there in the current season.


Shopping is the most loved activity for all the women, and now even men like shopping. Global Village Dubai is the best place for families to shop around. For quality items and products, you can visit outlets to shop from pavilions. This place is the one shop stop for you to buy things from different countries.

Not only this, but you can even buy sweets, ice-creams, groceries, shoes, beauty products, and lots of other things. Besides, there are handicrafts, cuisine, and merchandise of different countries. Here you can see things from Yemen, Pakistan, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. 

Fun and Entertainment

Other than shopping and food, you can enjoy fun rides and games. You can play several unique games. Furthermore, on weekends, you can even enjoy live shows. Besides, different games and activities are planned for visitors who don’t get time throughout their week.


Foodies will surely appreciate the food available in Dubai Global Village. Here you will have around 130 foods to taste. About 20 restaurants and cafes are there for visitors to enjoy food. Under one roof, you can enjoy all kinds of food.

The food variety includes Tez Daal, candy Floss, Live Candy, Lupini Beans, Spooky Candy Floss, Ice-cream Cars, Roasted Channa, Peanuts, Chaats, Masala Peanuts, Cold Coffee, Tea, Fruit Pizza, Desert on Boats, fruit bingsu, fruit sushi, mutton, gravy dishes, rice dishes, and chicken, fish, etc.


Carnaval is another vital point for some tourists to visit.  Carnaval includes family rides, thrill rides, and particular attractions.

In thrill rides, Honolulu loop, Moscow Max, London Loop, Jamaica drum, fly France, Global Burj, Athens slingshot, Shang high, etc. are included.

Family rides include vrooming UAE, Cuban dance, New York jump, Arabian horse, Mumbai Express, Thai twist, Roaming Rome, and much more.

The list of kid’s rides includes amazon boats, African land, Beijing Bungee, Caribbean Ship, Mexican Balloons, Holland Wind Wheel, Swiss Swing, Spania Boat Texas Track, etc.

Best shots and lots of other games are included in skill games that help your kids to improve skills.

Important Note

  • Visitors cannot bring their pets to the Global Village park.
  • Visitors are recommended to dress appropriately.
  • Segways or roller skates are not permitted in the park.
  • Visitors are advised to keep the park clean and save resources.

You can spend time with your family while enjoying the beauty of the park. This time will be memorable, and you will not forget your entire life.

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Things to Do in Global Village Dubai

· Globetrot the World in a Day

Global Village Dubai has main highlight of more than 30 pavilions having over 75 countries such as Egypt, Turkey, India, Russia, China, etc. Moreover, Global village has two new destinations this time, which includes Korea and Azerbaijan.

You will have a great chance to experience the traditions, culture and more delights of the entire world in just one day. Are you getting excited?

So, get up and pack your bag to enjoy unforgettable experiences to discover one exhibition right after another.

· Enjoy Live Shows and Concerts

Do you want to enjoy unlimited live shows and concerts?

Starting from Shamma Hamdan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tamer Hosny, Sonu Nigam, TAG Live and Shreya Goshal, you can enjoy the spectacular star performances and bands from all over the Asia, Middle East and other regions of the world. 

In combination with thousands of shows together with live concerts on all Fridays, you can have pleasure of watching lots of exciting and stunning performances all the way through Global Village Dubai.

· Believe it or Not! Museum

Would you like to enjoy the first Ripley of Middle East?

Well, this is a great museum franchise that lets you find out the most bizarre and strange collection of things. Everything is layered with prehistoric to the futuristic. Basically, you cannot say it a common museum because it is one of its kind located in the Middle East Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

It has around six galleries in Global Village with curious exhibits on view, including hand-made, wooden Ferrari, real skulls and heads. Above all it has a Mirror Maze that come up with more than 100 mirrors and  LED lights.

· Enjoy Circus

For kids entertainment, circus is the best source. Well, this is not only for kids, as there are lots of nerve-wracking acrobatic performances that can entice anyone. Here you will see many outstanding talents appear from all over the world.

In the mid of vibrant Funfair, this circus can easily accommodate around 500 people in each show. Other than Columbian clowns that make sure side-splitting fun, you may have more shows and wire acts.

Also, don’t forget seeing the Russian Wheel of Death.  It is the real eye-catching performance.

· Exciting Rides at Carnaval

One must not miss these thrilling and exciting rides at carnaval.

Wheel of the World

Would you dare to have a thrilling spin at 60 meters height?

It is full of colors as the wheel may entice you with the most amazing scenes over Global Village. Not only this, but it has about 50-meter LED screen that gives you a high quality display for more entertainment.

Transylvania Towers

In the 24th season of Global Village Dubai, it is another excellent addition. You will experience it just like a hotel that is featured with remarkable animations and special characters. All it helps to enhance the feel of a haunted house. 

Here, you can come for having unusual spooky fun and entertainment.

Moscow Max

Those who seek adventure will definitely love it more than any one else. It is a true source of entertainment for adventurists and fun seekers. Following a jet plane with all of its G-force, you will get lift up for about 18 meters off the ground with this pendulum ride on an excellent 360-degree spin.

Miami Surf

Well, another ride for fun-seekers in the Miami Surf. It has 240 meters of water attraction that gives you a chance for surfing adventure like no other ride can give you.

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