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Hatta Tour From Dubai

Hatta Tour is something great with a mix of thrill, fun, and experience. Hatta Dubai comprises visiting, adventurous mountain trips, hiking, and trekking. It’s an ideal deal for the tourists for an inciting event in Hatta Dam Dubai Tour. Get the rare and unusual trekking ordeal with Hatta City Tour containing natural, cultural, and historical marvels.

Our tour fits those who want to spend time with amigos, and have a fun time in the desert. Further, it truly makes sense. Along with this desert trip, you may relish the Hatta Hiking Tour deals. Admire the adrenaline-rushing rides across the east coastline and over the rare and great five Emirates In UAE.

Hatta Tour Dubai later offers you a chance to ride on an elegant 4X4 and stop by the Hatta Mountain Safari and track the tough areas of town. In the trek, you can notice the sensational change from being impeded to the gutsiest and breaking free moment of Hatta Dam. Moving further, explore the wonderful creatures, and rich allures of Hatta Lake. And join the whole peaceful and inviting clear blue water pool and trek into the intriguing waterfalls. Isn’t it just chilling and aspiring?

Hatta Mountain Tour – An Interesting Trip:

Become in despair smitten with the wonderful desert and Hatta Mountain Tour on this private road trip by 4×4 from Dubai. Hatta Tour From Dubai would be the craziest and the shakiest hilly tour. With an aide, trek past the fields of the peaks and ridges in an agreeable 4×4. Absorb the calm and head into the rough Hajar Mountains and later to Hatta Heritage Village, a fun old mountain town with mud-and-stone houses, and create a show from there. Never miss a chance to partake in the best Hatta Oman Tourist Places.

Things To Do In Hatta:

Things to Do In Hatta Dubai are the real master, and the great setup to run down the all awesome and inviting activities such as biking, hiking, and Hatta Kayaking. Join the startling Hatta Mountain Tour, and encounter myriad, and enticing events in the town with our Best Hatta Oman Tour package. Along with this, try admiring the alluring depicts of the town with some Charming and cherishing aspects besides the Hatta City Tour Rundown.

  • Hatta Kayak

Hatta Dam Kayak enables you to move across the latest, and relish the best of water activities on the trip. Travel to the greatest Hatta Tourist places, and swim in the blue and turquoise water of the Hatta Lake. Take a paddle boat, experience riding a boat, a banana boat, and even the adventurous doughnut boat in Hatta Tour from Dubai.

There isn’t any limit or restriction for a ride in the Hatta Water Dam, so dive in and relish the inviting Hatta Kayaking Experience. Feel the versatile boat experience, and it’s best for all ages tourists for a fantastic and Alluring sensation on Hatta Hiking Tour. Take a stroll, paddle your boat, and see the ducks swimming along on your Hatta Day Trip from Dubai.

Hatta Kayak is handy at amazing and good prices with exciting bundles, both for families and tourists. The water is quite blue and it reduces all your tiredness, suffocation, and anxiety. You may adore the Hatta Water Dam and the scenes, and the things surrounding it, this Hatta Day Tour from Dubai provides beautiful viewpoints.

  • Hatta Heritage Village

Visit Hatta Heritage Village to feel the genuine antiquated rustic living that was hundreds of years prior. This is greatly unique about the Dubai Hatta Village as this is the popular town set-up retained with figures, models, and myriad old records to see.

This ancient piece of the town in Hatta Mountain Tour is truly a rare marvel town. You can admire the beauty of the ancient lifestyle with knowledge of the tools and weapons of ancient times. Our Hatta Overnight Tour guide will give you an insight into this.

  • Hatta Hill Park

If you have any desire to delight in the all enticing stances and chilling visit through Hatta Hill Park, that is all there is to it. It’s far situated at the highest point of Hatta Mountain and an ideal spot to spend time with wives and a big circle of family members.

  • Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour, for bold and daring souls, is a choice to make their outing brimming with ordeal while dining in the amazing safari of a mountain in the rare town of Hatta Dubai. From fledglings to endured experts, everybody has a related path to the Hatta Oman.

Going through our adventure planet tourism, you can find the glamour and virtue of Things To Do In Hatta in a shockingly inviting manner. So what are you waiting and looking for? Just get reserved your seat for our admiring Oman Hatta Tour deals.

  • Hatta Dam

You can likewise visit the Hatta Water Dam assuming you are nearby. The dam is more profound so you can’t swim however you can sit on the bank and partake in the regular terrain. Hatta Dam Kayak is a fascinating activity.

Local people there lease Hatta Kayak for a Best Hatta Tour in Dubai through the entire dam which is a greatly reviving event. The rough mountains that entail the valley give it a mainly lovely tranquil look. These are the best spot for souls who prefer mountain ascent and hiking.

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Best Packages 2023

Hatta Tour Packages

hatta tour from dubai
99 AED Per Person

Basic Package

Water Dam Hatta
175 AED Per Person

Advance Package

Hatta Lake Dubai
320 AED Per Person

Premium Package

Schedule & Time 2023

Hatta Oman Tour Schedule

Tour Duration 06:00 Hours Tour Service Daily
Pick up Time 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM Drop Off Time 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM
Adult 200 AED Per Person Child 170 AED Per Child
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s approximately 96.5km from Dubai to Hatta (around 60 miles).

Hatta is situated in the Hajar Mountains, at the border of Dubai and Oman.

Direct cash payments upon the pickup or Cash Deposit in the ATM Account or Bank Transfer.

Passport is not required to visit Hatta Dam as the same is within the UAE. You don’t cross the border to visit this place. As long as you have a valid visa, no need for a passport. People do get confused as Hatta is the border for UAE and Oman during Hatta Tour From Dubai.