Hatta Tour From Dubai

Hatta Tour From Dubai lets you stop your bustling life and equip you to feel the gold rush of the Hatta Dubai. Hatta Tour Dubai pulls you mostly 150 km out from staggering to invite a wonderful alluring town of Hatta Dubai put in the softer areas of the striking Hajar Mountains. Because of the awesome antiquated gift, it’s also called Heritage Village. On the shallow edges of Hatta Dubai, you can seek leafage without halting an exertion.

Hatta Tour enables the tourist to encounter a lot of rush, without any inconvenience and problem. While the rousing hustle of climax to 1hr, you might like amazing scenes of Hatta Tour From Dubai. As you are vastly apt to be aware, the striking Dubai is a lovely city of active stability and structural amazements. This Arab country gives Hatta Dubai as a gift to visitors, it does not just have immense structures and a very bustling life, yet it has many more.

Things To Do In Hatta

You must be thinking about what you would do on the Hatta Dubai tour. Well, it is not something you should worry about at all. For adventure seekers, Hatta Village has lots of things to do. Here we have a list of things to do in Hatta tour to enjoy maximum.

Hatta Kayak

What about kayaking in Hatta Dam? Do you like it?

Hatta Kayak is a popular tourist destination and a favourite spot for kayaking. So, don’t forget to experience this exclusive activity if you want to excite the level of your thrill. You can enjoy kayaking with your family and friends in the sparkling and pure water of Hatta Dam. Not only this, but you will also enjoy the remarkable and magnificent surroundings of the place while experiencing Hatta kayaking. When you visit Hatta water Dam, you will surely be amazed as it is the best outdoor activity for thrill-seekers, and it can blow away all of your stress and worries. You will feel light and refreshing.

Hatta Heritage Village

If you are one of those who don’t want to experience past life in the Emirates that is too distant, then the Hatta Heritage Village is the best place. When you visit this refurbished traditional village, you will be one of those who witness the oldest village in the country. It is ancient as it dates back about the third century BC.

It has remarkably built stone houses and water wells situated along two watchtowers, a fort, and a customary majlis. You can also have a look at the wonderful collection of ancient photos showing conventional life in Hatta. You will also see a museum space that shows old tools and weapons together with a basket weaving area.

The ancient falaj irrigation scheme has a splendid example of the Al Sharia palm tree farm next door.

Hatta Hill Park

To enjoy an astonishing trip with your friends and family, Hatta Hill Park is the best place for everyone. You can spend a great deal of quality time here, and it will be a never-ending Hatta tour. This place lets you enjoy BBQ while witnessing eye-catching views of Hatta Hill Park.

Hatta Mountain

Do you know Hatta mountain is the only mountain shelter in Dubai for scarce plants and animals? Here you can enjoy seeing the biggest amount of population of the rare Arabian Tahr available in the country. Apart from this, you can also use these mountains for hiking.

Trailing through the foothills of the mountains hiking over craggy land will excite you all over. For an enthralling experience, you can even capture these moments on your mobile or camera. Hatta Lake allows its visitors an eye-catching blue layer of water among the surroundings of sand.

At the time you are hiking, don’t forget to witness a mysterious Arabian sand cat. If you want to visit the reserved place, you have to have security clearance from the municipality. On the other hand, everyone can enter the areas around the dams freely. Dubaidesertsafaris.com would love to do all travel attunements for you.

Hatta Dam

Visit Hatta Dam for a mountain view and kayaking in Hatta Dubai. The turquoise waters of Hatta Water Dam give a quiet relief only an hour and a half away from the humming city of Dubai. Therefore, it’s gonna be a relief to visit it.

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Hatta Tour Packages From Dubai

hatta tour

Hatta Tour Dubai

Half Day Tour 6 hours + Travel Time

200 AED Per Person
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service
  • Visit Hatta Dam
  • See all includes below
Hatta Lake Dubai

Hatta Tour With Kayaking

Full Day Tour 8 hours + Travel Time

320 AED Per Person
  • Pick & Drop Service By 4×4 Car From Door Step
  • Hatta Kayaking
  • Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel
  • See all includes below

Hatta Tour Includes

Hatta Tour From Dubai Schedule

Tour Duration 06:00 Hours Tour Service Daily
Pick up Time 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM Drop Off Time 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM
Adult 200 AED Per Person Child 170 AED Per Child

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hatta Dam
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • Hatta Hill Park
  • Hatta Mountains Safari
  • Kayaking
  • Hatta Fort Hotel
  • It’s approximately 96.5km from Dubai to Hatta (around 60 miles)

Hatta is situated in the Hajar Mountains, at the border of Dubai and Oman.

  • Direct cash payments upon the pickup or Cash Deposit in the ATM Account or Bank Transfer.

Passport is not required to visit Hatta Dam as the same is within the UAE. You don’t cross the border to visit this place. As long as you have a valid visa, no need of any passport. People do get confused as Hatta is the border for UAE and Oman.