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Hatta Tour

Hatta Tour

Discover the captivating Hatta Mountains, located a mere 60 miles from vibrant Dubai. This expansive natural haven offers transformative experiences on both land and water. Adventure Planet is here to ensure you get the most out of your visit to the mountains. Whether you seek a thrilling hiking escapade or a relaxed village retreat, our tailored Hatta tour packages cater to your adventurous desires.

Our Hatta tour includes an excursion to the city’s popular allures, activities, and intriguing activities in the United Arab Emirates. Nestled in the enthralling Hajar Mountains, this tour gives a mix of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and Panoramic Views. Outdoor activities in our trip may include thrilling off-road safaris through mountainous terrain. A visit to the Hatta Heritage Village to explore Emirati traditions gives a cultural experience and an insight into the past.

Hatta Mountain Tour – An Interesting Trip:

Indulge in the captivating trip to the heart of nature’s splendor, and explore the striking contrast between Rocky Mountains and the glitz of Dubai. Our Hatta Mountain Safari excursion invites you to cherish the cool waterways, magical allures, and jagged peaks. Step onboard, and admire the lush green pools and pristine wadis in Hatta Tour. Likewise, you may learn about the Emirati Culture and history of the region in a heritage village.

Best Hatta Tour Dubai – How To Experience:

Book Your Package

We offer unique package options made for every adventure seeker’s budget. Just select the option that best meets your needs, and secure your spot on our next Hatta day trip from Dubai.

Be Pick-Up Ready

We pick up our tour guests every morning between 9:00 – 9:30 AM to begin our departure. It is highly recommended that you arrive for pick up a few minutes early, so you can ensure you don’t miss your transportation.

Report For Drop-Off

At Hatta Tour from Dubai, sightseeing tours last approximately 6 hours, and we begin boarding for our return trip between 2:30 – 3:00 PM. If you choose to stray from our guided tour options, you will be responsible for returning to the drop-off location in time for departure.

Hatta Tour Packages

Hatta Tour From Dubai

Basic Adventure Package

99 AED Per Person
Water Dam Hatta

Elite Adventure Package

175 AED Per Person
Hatta Lake Dubai

Premium Package

320 AED Per Person

Top 7 Things To See During a Hatta Mountain Tour:

Each of these Hatta tourist places has unique experiences and opportunities for exploration, especially for those interested in the rich history surrounding the Hajar Mountains. With so many options to choose from, you’ll never be bored during our tour!

  1. Hatta Heritage Village

Since this hilly region  lies so close to both Dubai and Oman, the iconic Hatta Heritage Village offers an expansive look at the cultures that natives of this region have cherished for generations. During your Hatta day tour from Dubai, you can investigate weapons, historic landmarks, and everything in between.

And if you want an even more immersive experience? Inquire about our exclusive Hatta overnight tour options today!

  1. Hatta Dam

This is no ordinary body of water; it’s a pristine, turquoise service that is the perfect destination for kayaking, swimming, and relaxing boat rides. If you want an up-close view of this breathtaking environment, this water body is one of the most popular attractions for families visiting the area.

Or, if you’re traveling with a larger party, our banana boat Hatta Dam Dubai tour can comfortably hold multiple people at once, so you can sit back and relax while you take in the majesty of this natural wonder.

  1. Hatta Mountain Safari

Did you know that you can experience an authentic safari just outside of Dubai? With this unique Hatta hiking tour, you can begin with your safari guide, who will inform you of all the nearby wildlife and must-see nature, and end the journey by creating your own adventure on one of the many pre-made hiking, walking, or biking paths.

  1. Hatta Mountain Range

Have enticing views from the sprawling and the captivating mountain ranges in Hatta Dubai. The mountain range features numerous hiking trails that will allow you to scale the peaks with ease, no matter what your current skill level looks like. Your safety is always our top priority, and we ensure that all of our tours put your needs first.

  1. Hatta Hill Park

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly adventure, look no further than Hatta Hill park! This park is nestled atop the mountains and give guests a gorgeous view of the hills while being surrounded by greenery and flowers. And for little visitors, the land features multiple sporting areas and playgrounds, so you can keep your little ones busy while you relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

  1. Hatti Wadi Hub

Of course, it isn’t just about natural wonders and historical landmarks. At Hatta Wadi Hub, also known as Wild Wadi Dubai, you can find a variety of extreme, heart-pounding adventures that will leave you speechless. Some of the most popular attractions at Wild Wadi include paragliding, axe throwing, horseback riding, zip-lining, and more. Plus, the Wild Wadi Water Park offers exclusive access to some of the area’s best kayaking destinations.

  1. Hatta Kayak Excursions

As you may have guessed, kayaking is one of the most popular recreational activities for visitors. Outside of the dam, you can also kayak along Hatta Lake, which follows the stunning mountain ranges and gives you a rare perspective. Whether you’ve kayaked a million times or are a total newbie, we recommend this to all our guests looking for the best Hatta Dubai things to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s approximately 96.5km from Dubai to Hatta (around 60 miles).

Hatta is situated in the Hajar Mountains, at the border of Dubai and Oman.

As is the case within the UAE, a passport is not required to visit Hatta Dam. To visit this location, you do not have to cross the border. There is no requirement for a passport, as long as your visa is valid. People do get confused as Hatta is the border for the UAE and Oman during the Hatta Tour From Dubai.

Yes, you can swim in Hatta Dam. However, it’s always important to take necessary precautions when swimming in open water, such as being aware of the depth, watching out for underwater obstacles, and following any posted rules or regulations.