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Hatta Tour

Hatta Tour

Looking for an alluring, great, striking, and glorious mountain view, our Hatta tour choices cover them all, partake in life’s best and the striking trip with thrilling rides, kayaking, and cultural events. Pack your bag, and dine in to seek Hatta Mountain climbing, cherish natural allures and unusual valleys. Surely still too uneven and the high hilly points of Hatta Dubai.

Trek to explore the lively beauty of the region entailing the Hatta Dam and mounts. Yet, our Hatta Tour From Dubai takes you to reach the middle of hills and bluish turquoise water. For great stances and allures, our Hatta City tour deals blend a stay at luxurious and five-star hotels. It’s surely one of the most Idyllic and the great Hatta Kayaking Tours to join.

Love the bright and lush green side of this Bedouin oasis, so we ensure you a safe excursion to Hatta Hill Park. Our guide will escort you to move across the magical desert which will fit your tour liking. Feel the serenity of the area and sense the adrenaline rush moving through your body when you admire varied rides after the Hatta Heritage Village trip.

Hatta Mountain Tour – An Interesting Trip:

Get the aspiring, and the outclass visit to Wonderful and the great Hatta Tour Dubai hills, and its private sections too in a 4×4 ride. Likewise, you may trek into the mountains for biking, and get the shakiest, and an adrenaline-pumping-pingrough biking experience on Hatta Mountain Tour. Indulge yourself in the peaceful and great Hatta tourist spots, create a show, and Capture the moments. You must not want to skip visiting these inviting Hatta tourist places.

Hatta Tour Packages

hatta tour from dubai
99 AED Per Person

Basic Package

Water Dam Hatta
175 AED Per Person

Advance Package

Hatta Lake Dubai
320 AED Per Person

Premium Package

Best Things To Do In Hatta:

Quickly get your tour package as our services are open. You may pick the best Things To Do on Hatta Tour from Dubai easily. Moreover, the best part is that you will probably want to stay for more time. But the tour lasts for about 6 hours long. Greatly, the tourists may go to Hatta Mountain Safari biking, climbing, and hiking. Have a look at some of the best Hatta things to do.

1. Hatta Heritage Village

From your home or inn to this startling region in Hatta Dubai, our special guide will accompany you. Be assured to scour a plethora of cultural lifestyle aspects, weapons, great records, and more. It’s one of the best Hatta tourist places to stroll for a skillful hilly ordeal.

Our further offers include the Hatta overnight tour, so you can pick the surprising trekking, and strolling to the ancient village. Cherish the historical aspects of it in our Hatta Tour Dubai deals. Likely, a lifetime recalling experience awaits you in the park.

2. Hatta Dam

Go sliding between the uneven vast valleys closer to Hatta Dam for kayaking and enjoy the natural scenery and glorious views. Witness the water animals, enjoy swimming in Hatta Lake, and relax and unwind at the river’s bank. The regular terrain owns much more for you to see.

After this, you will surely want more, right? Well, the Hatta Water Dam Kayak is one of our best deals that draws tourists. Scroll to the entailing regions, look for inviting outlooks, and prefer banana boat rides and donut boat rides. This will add more pleasure to your trip.

3. Hatta Mountain Safari

If you are looking for a daring choice for one a day trip from Dubai, we suggest Hatta Mountain Safari. However, the enticing region compiles Hatta Cycling trails where you can move walking to the beautiful path. After the mountain safari, you can scour high ranges too.

4. Hatta Mountain Range:

Not only this, but a lot more in Bedouin town with our Best Hatta Tour Deals will captivate you. So daring people love taking awesome views through the mountain ranges and like the virtue of it. Likewise, daring tourists will perhaps pick strong hearts and daring deals easily.

5. Hatta Hill Park

Moving to your next one of the best Hatta Tourist Spots? Don’t forfeit to admire mixed Hatta Hill Park region which is best for both, kids and adults. Moreover, the charming park owns varied slides, water rides, and more to add more to its glory.

Oman Hatta Tour Dubai will delight you every moment and you may unwind and relax under the starry sky. Relax in the Bedouin camp, like varied entertaining shows, and dance shows on Hatta Oman Tour. Like the startling things that one may join in the daylight.

6. Hatta Wadi Hub:

Wadis in the terrain will surprise you, our enticing tour deals offer a rental boat experience and feel the thrill of moving down. Indeed, the Dubai trip owns the water-based activities in the Hatta Dubai Tour. Your loved ones will surely love spending time with the joyful ordeal of the Hatta City tour.

Visitors can pick the desired Hatta Day trip from Dubai offers and leisurely enjoy the kayaking ordeal. Moreover, take a relief to enjoy the basic of the tour, and listen to great movies and cultural events. On the day tour, you will probably live the Bedouin life and wear formal Arabian dresses.

6. Hatta Kayak

In the end, take your amigos, family friends, and loved ones for Hatta kayak experience. there with friends and kids, relish water slides and other thrilling rides. The adrenaline rushing water rides rides will excite your soul and you will never want these moments come to an end.

After Hatta Dam Kayak, you can like going to swimming, see clear crystal water and feel them touching your hands. There’s more that you can have in our Hatta Tour from Dubai which isn’t specified to a certain age. Hence, join the trip shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s approximately 96.5km from Dubai to Hatta (around 60 miles).

Hatta is situated in the Hajar Mountains, at the border of Dubai and Oman.

As is the case within the UAE, a passport is not required to visit Hatta Dam. To visit this location, you do not cross the border. There is no requirement for a passport as long as your visa is valid. People do get confused as Hatta is the border for UAE and Oman during Hatta Tour From Dubai.

Yes, you can swim in Hatta Dam. However, it’s always important to take necessary precautions when swimming in open water, such as being aware of the depth, watching out for underwater obstacles, and following any posted rules or regulations.