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Is it Expensive to vacation in Dubai?

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Whenever we talk about Dubai, the first thing that comes around is the kingdom of millionaires. However, reality shows some great differences.

The truth is that you can have a great vacation in Dubai even if you’ve not saved much. From travel to accommodation, we have got a list of affordable solutions. The travel here is very cheap due to the oil prices, the accommodation is kinda cheap in a few palaces where luxuries are not up to the mark.

To get a final look over the statistics, here are some section-wise details about your next stop; Dubai:

Getting Around (The Travel)

One of the best perks to have holidays spent in Dubai is its cheap travel. The oil prices are very low as compared to European and Asian countries. This way, you get to see a great difference in taxi fares as compared to the international market.

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Let’s explain this with an example:

A 17-mile (which equates 26 kilometres) trip within Dubai costs the US $16.50 to $17. With that metric, the travel comes out to be one dollar per mile which is very low as compared to the travel in other modern spots. Cutting it short, you don’t have to invest a lot to move around!


After travel, let’s talk about accommodation which is a bit complex thing to discuss here. To stay in Dubai, you can find palaces that can take $$ or more but there are a few affordable solutions, too. These include EasyHotel Jebel Ali that is serving the tourists across the globe. They have got the best hotel rooms and maximized features. Additionally, we have Naif View Hotel which is best in the market when it comes to affordability.


Lastly, let’s talk about food which is what Dubai is known for. Asian, European, and Arabian, all the tastiest foods are available here but you have to plan your money earlier. From cheap to extra-expensive, all types of restaurants and hotels are located there in Dubai. You have to opt-for affordable restaurants in order to have the cheapest solution.

Dubai food


About the currency, Dubai has got a finely valued structure. “Dirham” is the only currency used throughout. To get an idea about “Dirham”, one USD roughly equals 3.67 Dirhams (it was calculated at the time of writing this article).

This way, whatever you purchase or fees you pay, you have to divide “dirhams” by 3.67 to get your expenses in dollars. With this metric, Dubai doesn’t seem expensive as that of Qatar and Kuwait whose currencies are valued relatively high.

Pro travelers suggest that it costs $$ to have a relaxing week at Dubai and it seems cheaper comparatively, right?


Let’s talk about excursions in Dubai which are only for passionate travellers like you. These include a number of palaces and spots that are of great importance when it comes to history and infrastructure:

Burj Khalifa at the Top

Already made up your mind to look at how Dubai looks right from the 125th floor? This trip is for you and it costs only 130 dirhams per person (which equaled 35$ at the time of writing).

Desert Safari

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you would surely look for an affordable Desert Safari trip, too. This trip would not cost you less as the accommodation and food expenses within the great desert get multiplied. However, you can go for an affordable booking if you book in groups. There are several services for a Desert Safari trip; Google and you’ll find them in your search results.

Desert Safari


Desert Safari Dubai

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TV Repairing

About repairing, the wages are quite reasonable and so we find workers and technicians looking for jobs in Dubai internationally. Talking about it precisely, let’s talk about TV repair which is a need for everyone here in Dubai.

Looking at the hourly wages across Dubai, the repair work seems expensive but it isn’t in fact. We have extra-affordable services like RepairShopDubai that offer a wide range of TV repair throughout the state, especially in Dubai. They’re specialized in repairing:

  • LCD
  • LED
  • OLED

About the service charges, they have got a landline to assist you with a custom quote instantly. So if you’re planning to permanently shift in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about the liabilities including the TV Repairs!

The Bottom Line

Concluding all this, Dubai isn’t that expensive as it looks. However, it’s about the choices you make as your choices are what predict your vacation in Dubai. Make sure you research the affordable palaces and then you can carry out your most awaited vacation!

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