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Best Places to Visit in Sharjah – Things to Explore

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Do you know Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE?

Well, this city is the acclaimed cultural capital of the region, whereas Dubai is the center of advanced skyscrapers and a target to shop-till-you-drop. When you focus on the background of Sharjah, it takes an approach that is more delicate. Besides history, Sharjah takes a modern approach with traditions, heritage, and quests. There are lots of things to do in Sharjah, and you can explore more and more.

Places to Visit in Sharjah

The attractions of Sharjah are amazing, and the best part is that you can visit with your whole family, including kids, parents, and grandparents, etc.

Safari Mall Sharjah

Do you know that Safari Mall Sharjah was the first shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates?

Since its inception, Safari Mall Sharjah has been set aside to provide tourists with the best service and selection while also cultivating a culture that is similar to that of a family. Moreover, this expanding part has built unusual businesses in the carrier, education, and. telecommunications: all while selecting a new assistant for its parent company that will focus on providing high-quality goods at the best prices, this will you may enjoy with your Places To Visit in Sharjah pack.

Sharjah Arts Museum

In the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah Arts Museum is one of the largest museums that was opened in 1997 and is enriched with an enduring collection as well as a program of momentary displays. There is a lot more waiting for you on the UAE trip like the Best Dubai Desert Safari and the incredible hilly Hatta Tour.

More artworks also exist that are made in the 18th century and visited the Middle East to become captivated by the natural surroundings, tradition, and architecture. Along with this, the IMG world Dubai visit will add more fun to the city trip giving awestruck moments.

More artworks also exist that are made by 18th-century and visited the Middle East to become captivated by the natural surroundings, tradition, and architecture.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a great place and is made up of seven startling galleries that are spread out over two levels. The first one is Arab scientific and the second one is astronomical feats as well as aspects of the Islamic faith are discussed in the galleries on the ground floor. Along with this, a recorded but startling overview of Islamic arts and crafts, including old jewelry and amazing textiles, can be found on the upper floors Of the Sharjah Museum Of Islamic Civilization.

The grand Islamic Civilization Museum is on the Corniche beach, just north of the Heart of the district, and it is housed in a building that is just as impressive and alluring as the collection it contains.



Likewise, coins, ceramics, astrolabes, and manuscripts all vie for your attention on Exciting Places To Visit In Sharjah, but don’t skip the beautiful gold-embroidered curtain for the Holy Ka’ba’s door and even the zodiac prospect mosaic inside Museum’s central dome.

Sharjah Science Museum

Science exploration has always been more fun and enjoyable! All in all, the Sharjah Science Museum in the inviting Things To Do In Sharjah provides a unique family or kids experience in a secure, inspiring, and educational setting. Besides, visitors of all ages from all over the world can join and admire exciting and interactive scientific experiments, so there is something for everyone here in the Sharjah Science Museum.

Here you can check your flexibility, balance, and grip strength. You can draw a cartoon, use a music synthesizer, make a puzzle of the human body, and even visit Playspace.

With on-site Planetarium allows you to have a  trip of the universe from the Sharjah sky to deep space.

Central Market of Sharjah

When it comes to the list of places to visit in Sharjah, the Central Market of Sharjah is the landmark of Sharjah. It is a renowned market famous for its superfine blue tile work. Around six hundred shops exist in the market, and it is an outstanding place to shop for tourists.

The “Arabian Bazaar” is an original structure that exists in the Market. You can shop with your loved ones to get the experience of the customary beauty of this place. You can have a wide variety of items to the shop, ranging from jewelry to electronics, clothes to kitchenware items, etc.

Qanat Al Qasba

A built-up entertainment center called Al Qasba is well-known for holding a huge amount of stimulating activities that can make you love them. No doubt, it has many outstanding attractions, and the most amazing among all is the Ferris wheel names the “Eye of the Emirates.”

Qanat Al Qasba

When you start your thrilling drive on this wheel, you will feel lucky to have a full view of the city, which will surely make your life.

Bait Al Naboodah Museum

In the heart of the city, you will find another great tourist place to visit called Bait Al Naboodah Museum. It is one of the most visited places in terms of the cultural beauty of Sharjah. In 1845, the glorious structure enriched the museum with the utmost charm.

This 2-story building allows you to experience elaborative decoration, windcatchers on the walls, and a grand entrance. You can even discover how the people of Sharjah kept their houses cool in the scorching heat.

Adventurous Things to Do in Sharjah

No doubt, Sharjah is the third largest emirate in UAE, as I mentioned earlier. Sharjah is the place to some of the best desert safaris and elating open-air activities for thrill-seekers.

Below you can find out the best adventurous and tourist places to visit in Sharjah.

Best Attraction Point: Global Village Dubai

Dune Bashing and Sand Boarding

Al Badayer or the Big Red saffron-colored sand dune also exists in Sharjah. If you are up for outdoor activities in Sharjah, it is the ideal place to calm down your adventure and thrill hormones.

Al Badayer Oasis is not only beautiful, but it is an eco-tourism project that provides a super comfortable stay for guests together with fun activities.

Hiking And Mountain Biking

Wadi Lasal in Sharjah is one of the ideal places for hikers. You can call it top spots for hiking in UAE. The twisty tracks stretch for more than 6 miles, and hikers may expect an electrifying three-hour trip through the trek at Wadi Lasal.

This place is one of the ideal places to visit in Sharjah for the bikers as well that can typically camp in the area.

Bottom Line

This is not the end of places to visit in Sharjah because Sharjah is not so small. You can find more things to do in Sharjah, and for this, you have to stay updated.

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