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Things to Know About Dubai Transportation

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As a tourist destination and a place to live forever, Dubai is known for lots of other reasons as well. Dubai has exceptionally high standards of living a luxurious lifestyle disrupted by remarkable architecture and an abundance of entertainment for everyone.

The world-renowned Shopping Malls, are enriched with the latest boutiques and brands from all over the globe. Last but not least, the love of Dubai for cars is never going to end. Residents of Dubai can fulfill their wish of having the most luxurious latest model of the fastest and most exotic cars in the world.

Though driving is the easiest way to have a round of Dubai streets and the government has immensely improved the public transportation system in the last decade. And the government continued to spend and spread out the public transport network surrounded by the emirate.

While Dubai is not only best known for its connectivity, there are lots of other options available for Dubai public traffic, specifically if you have time and want to experience Dubai from a particular vantage point. Dubai Things To Do brings millions of admirers to the city every year.

Key Factors of Dubai Public Traffic

If you are eager to find a way without driving your own vehicle, the city really has a comfortable choice of Dubai public traffic that provides access to each part of the metropolitan region. Well, the primary forms of public transport include Dubai Metro, Dubai Taxi, Dubai buses, and water taxis, also known as Abras. Below is a list of a few Dubai public transport facts: 

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is state of art, fully computerized rail system, driverless that is hygienic, quick, and competent. Though it is not much extensive, as there are a number of planned extensions to the system and it also connects to the Dubai Airport.

Besides, it is also linked to some of the major tourist spots, for instance, the Mall of the Emirates and the Burj Khalifa. The red and green lines are functional now, with the RTA fines planning three more lines. No drinking or eating is allowed on the Dubai Metro, and those who don’t obey rules can incur heavy Dubai traffic fines.

You can have thorough information about stations, fares, Dubai Metro Timing, as well as Metro map and latest updates available on the Dubai Metro Website.

Dubai Metro Map

Basically, in the system, there are three Dubai Metro Maps;

The first one is a schematic map, which is really simplified that shows the stations on the Red Line as well as Green Line together with Route 2020. Other than that it also showcases the transport zones that the stations lie in. For calculating fares, the zone information is useful. The second Dubai Metro Map is an interactive map.

Dubai Metro Map
Dubai Metro Map

You can find the actual locations of each station on both of the lines together with the transport zones. Furthermore, it also displays the route of the Dubai Team system, the Palm Monorail, shopping malls, hotels, and tourist spots. The third and last Dubai Metro Map is an overlay map. You can see the Red Line, Route 2020, and Green Line overlaid on a map of Dubai.

Dubai Taxi

As compared to other identical metropolitan cities, Dubai taxis are relatively cheap, well-organized, and highly regulated by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority RTA. All Dubai taxis are metered, so there is no chance of having ambiguity in paying for your trip.

In Dubai, there are lots of taxi companies available, and most of the drivers are well-mannered and speak Basic English. Other than RTA Dubai fines, it also has launched a Smart Taxi App, which is really convenient, that allows a person to book the nearest taxi by using their smartphones according to their location.

The app can instantly pinpoint the location of a person, and it is highly impressive to book a Dubai Taxi even if you don’t know exactly where you are. Both Android and iOS users can easily use this app.

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Dubai Bus Service 

The network of Dubai bus services is pretty extensive, and buses are the perfect point to connect from the Dubai Metro to your destination. The bus service is really affordable and accepts Number one cards as a form of payment.

It can also let you go to the destinations that the Dubai Metro does not reach, for instance, Jumeirah Beach. With the RTA bus service, you can go between emirates which the Metro system has not designed currently to do. And it is an inexpensive way to travel if you are on a budget.

Desert AdventureDubai Desert Safari

Nol Cards

To make public transport more competent and expedient for the public, the RTA launched the Nol card, which is an extremely smart card to use on several RTA public transport forms, including trams, buses, water buses as well as the metro system. You can have several benefits with the Nol card, and the biggest among them is you don’t need to carry cash with you to pay for transportation.

Just top up your card and use it to pay for any of a number of public transport systems. Other than that, there are four types of cards available with several value-added services. For more information, you can further visit their official website. All you have to do is, recharge your Nol Card and check your balance. You can instantly add Nol’s card balance by using the nearest franchise.

Benefits of Having Nol Card Balance

  • You can travel without any trouble around Dubai and pay for parking just by using a single Nol card.
  • You don’t need to carry cash or worry about having change when you have enough Nol card balance.
  • You will surely enjoy low-cost fares and flexible transfers all across several modes of transport.
  • You can enjoy having fares for several allowance types of Nol cards, for students, residents, senior citizens, and people of willpower.


The charming mixture of new and old Dubai is nowhere more obvious than in its simple wooden water taxis that cruise together with the 10-meter Creek, moving people across. Abras, the charming aquatic taxis, is such a great way to get rid of Dubai police fines, traffic build-up, and RTA fines. It is because they are the cheapest forms of public transport and are really fast.

Abras takes you to the other side in about 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, other transport means of crossing the Creek by road can almost take up to an hour. Abras can be both manual and automated. The RTA website has all the details of Dubai traffic fines.

Water Taxis

Whereas the abra is limited to navigating the Creek, a relatively new fleet of water taxis of Dubai, regulated by the RTA, are capable of navigating the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The taxis are really sleek and up to date. They look very modern and are a new idea by the RTA to try and ease the daily jamming on the most traveled roads of Dubai. 

Water Taxi Dubai
Water Taxi

RTA Fines

RTA fines are not much difficult to pay; however, if you are new to the city, there might be some issues that you have to face. You can clear up Dubai RTA fines instantly if you have all the necessary details about the system. It is mandatory to keep yourself safe and stress-free.

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