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Things to Do in Al Ain – Explore The City With Attraction Points

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Things to Do in Al Ain


With a dramatic setting, the oasis city of Al Ain ignored by the stony mountain series of Jebel Hafeet, which is pretty amazing. It was a quite awesome and structured town that can get quickly around the line and popular with families for the zoo and a huge amount of relaxing public places.


Traditionally, Al Ain has been developed since 3000 BC at least, and here the museum did a nice job of drawing the long history. With this huge history, the Al Ain area becomes the only place in the United Arab Emirates to be adorned on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


For tourists that are interested in the local culture, Al Ain is an excellent place. When you are about to make a list of things to do in Al Ain, you may add a visit to the camel souk Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain Zoo, and lots more. People who love to be adventurous may enjoy a driving tour up to the peak of Jebel Hafeet. Or else you can have a day spent with the wave puddles and white water pushing services of Wadi Adventure waterpark. Below you will find all the best things to do in Al Ain city.


Jebel Hafeet


The rocky curves of Jebel Hafeet, which is also called Hafeet Mountain that rise up local from Al Ain. Over the city, if you are seeking panoramic photos or in the surroundings of the desert, then you must plan a trip to visit the highest point. It is just about 56 kilometers from central Al Ain to the highest point. In the United Arab Emirates, this is the second uppermost peak with 1,240 meters. Do you know the highest mountain is Jebel Jais in Ras Al-Khaimah? The driving up here follows with a twisted mountain road that has lots of sceneries, and from the peak, the whole section is spread out.


Jebel hafeet
Jebel Hafeet


In a full-day tour, you may have a likelihood to see lots of other main views of Al Ain in just a day if you are in Dubai. In your tour, you will make up to the peak of Jebel Hafeet for the mesmerizing views together with visiting the main traditional places of the city, including Al-Jahili Fort and  Hili Archeological Park and edifying places, such as the camel market. At the Al Ain oasis, you may see photo stops and at the sizzling springs of Mubazzarah Park as well.


Al-Ain Zoo


In 1969, Al Ain Zoo was opened and become the largest zoo in the United Arab Emirates. Common mammals, including the Arabian antelope and Arabian Oryx, are also available to see as well as African gazelles, eland, and giraffes.  The big cat fields feature tigers, pumas, lions, black-spotted leopards, and jaguars. In the monkey compound, you will see a reptile house together with the aviary section.


For the research services, the zoo is renowned, specifically the reproduction program for rare native animals, together with over 30 percent of the species that can be seen at this time on the scarce list. The advanced venture of the zoo is the Al Ain Safari with a 217-hectare expansion. The African and Arabian Gulf natural world also live here in a natural environment.


Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Zoo In Abu Dhabi


Many animals of family-friendly features are also there, such as a petting zoo, giraffe feeding actions camel rides, and a garden for children that motivates biodiversity education. In the zoo, you will also see the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center that shows focus on the desert surroundings of the Arabian Gulf and ecosystem.

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Al Jahili Fort


This restored fortress encircled with some serene since 1891, and once it was a vital protective feature defending the town from assault. Today, it is one of the major attraction points of Al Ain, and within the sturdy golden-bricked bulkiness, you may find a display dedicated to photographs showing the existence and effort of British explorer, writer Wildfired Thesiger, and desert traveler together with an explicit focus on the expeditions into the Empty Quarter all through the 1940s.


Al jahili fort in Al Ain
Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain


You can climb the fortifications and towers of the fort to have a look, and a video can explain everything about the restoration of the fort in the information hub.


Al Ain Oasis


From the scorching sun, a peaceful relief as well as a scrumptiously natural distraction from the city lanes, Al Ain Oasis is a huge range of date palm farms connected with footpaths next in the mid of the city.


Near the central opening, you will see a small museum that does a great job of enlightening the value of date palms to historical life, whereas the oasis itself holds almost 150,000 date palm trees. By water channels, the palm woods are still nourished using the historical falaj irrigation scheme.


Al Ain Oasis
Al Ain Oasis


In the United Arab Emirates, it has been using for 3,000 years. For those who seek downtime and pleasing stroll, this one is a grand option. At the main entrance, you will also enjoy horse rides with buggy visits of the oasis.


Wadi Adventure Park


Did you ever think about visiting the biggest fake surfing wave in the world?


At Wadi Adventure Park, you can enjoy surfing, white water splash, and kayaking, which is 3.3 meters in measuring. To please the beginners, three levels of white water pushing are made together with expert rafters as well as a long kayaking platform. For those who seek adventure, this place is the most attractive point in the United Arab Emirates to know about how you would do surfing, white water rafting, and kayaking.


Wadi Adventure Park
Wadi Adventure Park


Besides three main activities, and Air Park is also there with zip lines, colossal swing, a family pool area, balance beams, a hiking wall, and wakeboarding services when you need to relax.


Al Ain Palace Museum


Do you know the earlier residence of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and his family?


The residence of Sheikh Zayed was the Al Ain Palace Museum, and he was the first monarch of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Finely the interior is refurbished to imitate what the fortress would give the impression when the Sheikh called it home.


Al Ain Palace
Al Ain Palace


Unluckily, all through the rooms, the information is bare for those who don’t understand the Arabic language. On the other hand, the inner decoration will give you a thorough idea about the way of life that was directed here.

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Hili Archaeological Park


Archaeologists at Hili Archaeological Park have dig out to find date back to the Bronze and Iron ages. No doubt, many ordinary tourists will try to explain the site; archaeology beasts may feel satisfied with the great history exploration. UNESCO has engraved most of the time it is due to the vital findings that Al Ain as a World Heritage Site.


Hili Archaeological Park Abu Dhabi
Hili Archaeological Park Abu Dhabi


The park locates in the mid of a confined area and is covered by a palm tree oasis. Most of them are available on the Al Ain National Museum that does a nice work to put the site into the framework.


Public Gardens


Garden city is the nickname that Al-Ain gives to it for its value. All over the area, you will see verdant greenery that brightly contrasts with the arid and burnt desert environment. On long and burning summer days, most of the public parks and gardens have the facility of welcome shade.


Many of them are donated with awkward landscaping elements together with brilliant fountains and lighting overview at night. Besides all these things, you will also enjoy a playground facility for your kids. For a stroll, the Central Public Garden is one of the best places in the center of town.


Hili Fun City


One of the biggest and most attractive parks in the United Arab Emirates is the Hili Fun City. This park is enriched with over 40 rides, such as a lofty sky-flyer, and a roller coaster. In yearly festival, thousands of visitors take part in celebrating the cultural and historical themes of the Emirates from all around the globe. Hili Fun City, as most of the premise parks in the town, caters to families highly well.


Right next to the premise park, Al Ain Ice Rink is another attraction point, which has an Olympic sized ability that provides skating and lots of games for kids.


Mubazzarah Park


At the foot of Jebel Hafeet, Mubazzarah Park can be found as an isolated point of green among the pebbly and dry land. In order to relax, this commonly natural retreat is a perfect place and specifically for a quiet and pretty sunset view.

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It has a natural highlight limestone hot springs that run all the way through the parking area in a range of pools. In order to steep away all kinds of pains, they are a great spot. On the weekends, you will see families everywhere around the park.


Over to You


Now, it is up to you, which place you choose to visit first because each and every place is worth seeing. You cannot afford to miss out on a single place even.

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